And I still don’t believe you: Cassie

Cassie NYC (Promenade)

At first glance, we see the beautiful but confusingly relevant Cassie calling out bingo numbers for the elderly exec’s at Bad Boy….let me stop!  Cassie performed at the Promenade  last night in NYC and her new press ploy hair “do made a striking debut. I want to think that she has been talking to Christina Milian lately but I’m not even going to revisit that topic.

Although this may be a weak attempt to gain more press and notoriety, I actually do like this look on Cassie. It’s, shall I say, daring? But it’s just kinda weird because nothing is wrong with Cassie. She was just fine the way she was compared to the new ‘do. Girl, all you had to do was drop a single! We’re waiting on YOU!  I mean, I would have liked to see her shorten her locks to frame her face more but…whatever works.

How do we feel junkies? PASS THE CLASS of EPIC FAIL?


The PRess Pusha


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