Tuesday KnightCap: DivaSpeak TV!

I am literally over here in tears yall! Diva Diva is the absolute livest thing on YouTube! Yeah, I said it! Comedy Central needs to give Dave Chapelle’s check to this chick LIKE YESTERDAY! You HAVE to watch all the way through to Cousin Sassy.

Cousin Sassy to Cassie about her recent snip:

“Folks don’t know they strengths! Cassie, your strength is that your pretty. Don’t be fu*kin’ that up over no n*gga. Right now your young…have your lil’ fun. Just make sho that you straight when he done…I’m just saying!”

Yo, that about sums it up for me! Please go by Amanda Diva’s YouTube Page and her blog and show her some love. We have to support each other but most importantly, we have to support real sh*t. T.O.U.R (turn off ur radio)! Love her advisory in the beginning about Solo! Tell ’em Diva! Two fingers to those who hate it!

-The PRess Pusha

PLUS: I know it’s late so here’s something for you to snack on. Get some!


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