PUSH Spotlight: Fabulous Faces By LaTavia am truly one of those people that think it is truly corny to demand folk to “follow me” on Twitter. Either you’re feeling my ish or I’m pouring out a lil’ Cisco for you + your crew. ANYWHO, with Twitter being the UNTAMED BEAST that it is, I was able to stumble upon a DOPE make-up artist by the name of LaTavia, owner of Fabulous Faces by Latavia.

Every girl has a little bit of Barbie. Most of my female readers just so happen to be BAD B*TCHES so they can relate when I say that it is HARD to find a good make-up artists. Although we have only spoken via Twitter, LaTavia showed nothing but love when I acquired about her services, all on her BORN-DAY (HAPPY BELATED MAMA)!

LaTavia resides in Jacksonville, Florida but I am sure she that negotiation for travel is an option. You all know I am down for the brown and all about female empowerment and support. With that being said, this chick gets busy! You can find more samples of her work below or you can visit her myspace HERE. Don’t forget to tell her I sent you.

-Tuesday Knight

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