NEW!!! PRessure Points: One Dollar at a Time

PRessure Points - BUDGETSPR points and tips to help aspiring businesses, brands & entertainers

One of the most essential document that any emerging company, brand, artist or entertainer must look to develop is a budget.

Simply, a budget is an estimate of expected income and expenses for a given period in the future.

A budget should be a detailed account of all of the expenses that you will incur (office space, employees, branding, marketing, promotions, etc.) and the amount of money you plan to spend to properly propel your project.

The industry is changing daily and the days of free work, internships and favors are far and few in between. Being realistic about the money you need to fund your project and the amount it will take to keep it going must be taken into account. Time equals money and it’s very rare to find someone that still works “pro bono” (for free). Out of respect for the people you seek to work with and for the quality of your product, make sure that you have a working, existing budget to place into play when seeking services and building your team. It shows professionalism, respect and a degree of relevancy that most people lack.

PRessure Points is a reoccurring informational resource tool developed to provide free, professional PR tips to businessmen and professionals alike. Brought to you by PUSH Publicity, Inc.


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