Queen UP 101

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Girl Scouts USA/The Queen Up Urban Scout & Empowerment Program

The Queen Up Female Empowerment Summer Camp is a youth empowerment initiative dedicated to teaching life skills, building character, self-respect, positive self-image and social skills for females ages 5-17 from single parent or low-income households. Our camp has successfully completed two eight-week long summer programs, producing a total of 12 exceptional ladies upon camps’ completion.

Our eight-week camp is full of breakthroughs and transitional moments for these young queens; however, we strongly desired a structured year-round program that would allow the opportunity for more hands-on mentoring and enrichment skills throughout the school year, not just during the summer.

Our program coordinator and lead counselor Tuesday Knight, sought out sponsorships with many companies throughout the Big Bend and found promise and partnership with the local council of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Through our partnership with the Girl Scouts, The “Queen Up Urban Scout & Empowerment Program will provide essential life skills for the youth for healthy maturation, social skill development, formation of healthy relationships and the opportunity to reach their highest potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Through one-on-one and group dialogue sessions, social skill development exercises, writing, theater exercises, guest speakers, art, dance, aerobics, yoga and a variety of other activities, these young ladies will be guided to successfully navigate through issues and ordeals every young lady faces today.

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