Who We Are? is a virtual news hub that specializes in providing content from an empowering, feminine perspective, layered with professional wit and bold views. This weekly online publication covers varying topics surrounding entertainment business, community awareness, on-going cultural issues and social changes of worldly movements. The staff is dedicated to publishing resourceful information and priority news for varying industries including all-access entry to exclusive events, interviews and media that engages readers of all ages.

Created for a generation of tastemakers, savvy intellects and professionals, With segments like SheShines™ (spotlighting women of color making strides in their respective professions), Dropping Joules™ (Daily Doses of Positive Morning Energy), and The :60 Snap (a one minute recap of all moments in media for the week), our editorials, columns and reported news is told from a unique viewpoint to extract only what’s factual and necessary. nourishes the craving for trending press coverage for those with a hunger for the truth and what’s next!”

We are firm believers that each person has a fascinating life story, and we encompass a diverse technique for finding high interest pieces. Equipped with a bulging rolodex of viable resources, we ARE the takers, creators and breakers of tomorrow’s press!

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